VenueOpps is a Saas product developed by EventBooking for the convention center, stadium and arena market. Designed around specifically around the needs of that market, VenueOps provides a  great deal of role-based functionality to it’s users. Although the features are rich and the problems it solves are complicated ones, the software is easy to use and requires little training for some to get going.

The backbone of the software is a booking system, for the venues to manage what is in their spaces at any given time. On top of the booking, the venues can add details to their event like food and technology needs, manage financial information per booking and report on financial health as a whole.

Because the users tend to be on the go, the application has tablet and phone views that are either responsive or adaptive according to the need of the view being presented.

Venue Ops by EventBooking Sales Overview
Sales dashboard showing the pertinent sales pipeline and upcoming bookings.
Venue Ops by EventBooking Event Detailing
Events in a convention center have a mound of details that need to be attended to that cross operational department boundaries.
Venue Ops by EventBooking Invoicing
Invoicing is, of course, is pertinent to any business, but because of the number of details, invoicing can be complicated.
Venue Ops by EventBooking Booking Overview
The booking dashboard shows key indicators of the progress of a booking as well as key information.
Venue Ops by EventBooking Booking Charges
Charges for an event are numerous. Order of them is key for the venue as well as the client.
Venue Ops by EventBooking Booking Calendar
Monthly view of the booking calendar.
Venue Ops by EventBooking Weekly Calendar
Weekly view of the booking calendar.