Flying Tee, a multi story driving range, contracted with Result Stack to take over an over-budget and behind schedule technology project for their flagship facility opening in Tusla, Oklahoma. We were brought on to lead the user experience and design for multiple pieces of the puzzle: A front-of-house app for booking customers into bays, the customer-facing  in-bay software, the back office software and parts of the web experience for authenticated users.

From a design standpoint, the project included information architecture, experience design, interface design and lots of testing.

As a team, we started with remote conversations about the business and the individual products. Once we had enough information about a chunk of a product, we generated flow diagrams, wireframes and prototypes so that we could not only stay organized but to also inspire further conversations about complex facets of the project. Because the project as a whole was in a continuous release cycle, we were constantly learning, having new ideas and expanding the product.